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Melk - Benedictine monastery

The cultural and religious center of Austria

The Benedictine monastery Melk towers on a rock near the Danube river and is one of the most significant Baroque building in Austria. In 2008, the National Geographic Magazine designated the monastery as the greatest historical destination in the world.

Today´s appearance of the monastery dates back to the 18th century. A large monastery garden was designed as a meditation area and the loudspeakers hidden in the branches of the trees complete the mysterious atmosphere with the sound of a monastic chorale. Do not be surprised if a stone by the way talks to you with a child´s voice and cites an excerpt from the Bible. Other places worth seeing are the imperial stairs, the modern monastery museum in the old imperial chambers, the marble hall and monastery library with more than one hundred thousand valuable books – the pearls of interior architecture with frescoes from Paul Troger.

You can also taste the well-known wines such as Grüner Veltliner, Riesling and Zwegetrebe.


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